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David Merritt

President of MXIGlobal, LLC


I am David Merritt.  I have worked in the construction field for 16 years. I have been in the business development and management field for 20 years.  I have also been in the business support field for 10 years. With this experience in these fields, I have successfully developed, managed and sold (exit strategy) my companies and rebuilt and resold built businesses over and over which has provided me the opportunity to build a successful business through the partners and affiliates from all the prior businesses. 

I am currently in the Store Support (Shoe Carnival) and Advisory position, that is now DBM Ventures, LLC.  

About David and DBM Ventures:

In 2002, David Merritt started a company that financed by his Advisors as a 16 year old high school, ALMOST graduate at the time. Merritt and Company, Corporation was established in 2002, located in Evansville, Indiana, USA. MCC worked closely with various advisors and partnered with a company that would bring Merritt and Company, Corp. alive with its' first office where the co-founder Jacob Jost worked as an All-State agent and had mid-ranged business experience, much much more than David had at the time. In 2007, MCC had shifted its focus from one service to many solutions that would eventually be purchased by GoDaddy and another local company that had been a staple in the city with reputable management. MCC had become a threat. In 2007, Merritt Gaming was founded after the disbandment of GameSpy's Planet Network where David had also worked as a news writer and review publisher.

Merritt Gaming eventually set aside the publishing department for an eSports team (they were not called eSports teams back then, just clans/groups/gaming teams) that did well in OGL, ESL, and a myriad of LAN events. As such, players were traded to other teams, some quit, some moved on to bigger (at the time) things but MG lost its competitive edge and slowly turned into a gaming community rather than a team that would compete in tournaments. MCC and MG lost its' momentum in 2008 when the economy tanked over the real e-state fluctuation. David soon sold of some intellectual property, clientele, and dissolved partnerships with the organizations backbone.

After everything was sold off, David founded another company, MX Innovations, LLC in 2010 that would use all the products and services they were previously using but bundling them into solutions and started using social media as a platform for marketing and advertising. In 2017 after a masterful development of a company MXI changed its name to MXI Global and would continue advancing what it offered both physically and digitally. In 2019, David Merritt along with a rather large band of misfits founded DBM Ventures and 7411 Media in conjunction with GNN Interactive Media. Since the end of 2019, DBM Ventures started working with investments and startups adding yet another solution to it's services as a B2B/B2C Investment Firm.

In 2020, DBMV/7411 Media partnered with Goodridge Law Office and now provides legal support through John Goodridge's Law Office. From that point until the present the list of partners has grown, our network has grown, the social media presence has grown, and of course the business has grown. I would like to thank everyone that is working together to build and expand this company! YOU ARE NOT UNNOTICED! 

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