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David Merritt

President of MXIGlobal, LLC


Thank you for visiting and welcome to David Merritt's personal biography page where you can find the most up-to-date information about him and the projects he has completed, is still working on, and his future projects, all of which are funded and managed in conjunction with each project manager assigned to the projects.  David currently has 13 PROJECTS, 87 COMPLETED PROJECTS, and 3 FUTURE PROJECTS.  He has raised over $17,500,000 in funds, services and products for the various projects (not including companies and corporations developed), has networked with 22 partners to help in development and management, and continues to actively seek potential partners in all aspects off business.

Below you will find information regarding David Merritt.


I own MXIGlobal, LLC, an international development platform and development company located in the USA. As part of MXIG, GNN Interactive, a gaming platform and investment management provider, has expanded into the gaming and eSports scene. In addition, I'm the Senior Operations Officer at Abeyta International, LLC. I'm also an Investor and Adviser for GamingGearShop.com, Eclipse Gaming, & e-Sports League Pty. Ltd. I also sit as an International Marketing Advisor to the board Officer for various clients.MXIGlobal has recently expanded it services to the B2B partnership and development sectors where I sit as the Global Expansion and Development Executive under a wonderful board of directors.



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